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Creative-led event company – Designing and planning all-inclusive curated private jet charters. Pioneering a new way to deliver your next private jet charter.

Welcome to Exclusive Edition

Where luxury and exclusivity meet in the sky. Our bespoke all-inclusive private jet charters offer a dynamic adventure transcending traditional travel with gourmet cuisine and personalized events tailored to your exacting standards.
We travel with an eco-conscious mindset, minimizing our carbon footprint and giving back to communities worldwide.
Unlock the skies with our ultimate personalized and luxurious adventure in the clouds.

What we offer

Discover the world’s most unique destinations with Exclusive Edition, where private jet travel meets deliberate inspiring adventure.

Access to global fleet

Experience a global fleet tailored to your diverse travel needs, whether it’s an intimate gathering with loved ones, sports team transportation or seamless location moves for the movie industry.
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Kindly contact for further aircraft specifications and details:

Access to the following VIP aircraft’s
Boeing 777 VIP
Boeing 767 VIP
Boeing 757 VIP
Boeing 737 BBJ
Linage 1000
Global 7500
Gulfstream G650

Curated events

Elevate inflight events with impeccable service captivating decor, bespoke menus with focus on destination specific flavors and ingredients, stunning florals and so much more…
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Unforgettable experiences carefully crafted to create memorable occasions unlike ever experienced beyond the clouds.

Enquire about future travel experiences, destination and exciting travel ideas or share your Most extravagant dreams and how this can be come reality.

Conceptual ideas

Draw inspiration from past and present adventures and journeys – let’s discover more… Unleash boundless imagination, bring concepts to life, and forge extraordinary possibilities.

Staffing and training

Chef required for your home, plane, yacht or vacation home? Enquire about skilled, trained, and professional chef services. Hire a personal chef to prepare carefully designed menus.


Exclusive Edition draw from the expertise and professionalism of our aviation and hospitality experts. Unlock success through strategic collaborations and unmatched professionalism.
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Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott is an experienced private aviation industry professional with over 24 years of Business Aviation involvement and has successful international sales and marketing experience worldwide. Includes extensive knowledge on high level negotiations coupled with strong communication skills. International experience includes most aspects of private aviation including Aircraft Sales, Charter , Management , Maintenance and FBO.
Mark commenced his career with Harrods Aviation Limited in the UK in 1998 where he negotiated and won new operations contracts and other related business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA. He then spent 9 years at ExecuJet, first consulting in Europe before moving to South Africa to help develop aircraft sales, charter, maintenance and FBO business. He was directly involved in developing ExecuJet’s state of the art, purpose built FBO & maintenance facility at Cape International Airport where he held a General Management role.
He also held the position of Group FBO Director for over 6 years.
In September 2015 Mark was approached by Vertis Aviation to join as a partner in their Aircraft Charter business. He has worked closely with Action Aviation as a Non-Executive Director and went on to set up an Aircraft Trading business in Dubai in 2022. Mark is the CEO and founding member of Vertis Aviation Aircraft Trading headquartered in Dubai UAE.
He is based in Dubai & Nassau, Bahamas

Lisa Donovan

With over 35 years in the aviation industry, expertise in Security, Ground Handling, loading logistics and Client movement around the world. Lisa is very detail-oriented, has an entrepreneurial mindset and dedication and problem-solving skills. Executive experience in all levels of luxury charters to captivate and create journeys of a lifetime.

Our Guests

Our guests are esteemed members of an exclusive and privileged community, and we strive to provide each with unparalleled service, where moments and details matter.
Private Individuals
Sports Teams
Corporate Companies
Government Travel
TV & Movie Industry
LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈



Francois van Zyl, a renowned chef with 24 years of culinary experience and an expert in the airline and hospitality industries. Francois’ passion for delivering unparalleled luxury travel experiences led to the creation of our company, dedicated to making your travel dreams a reality. We believe in tailoring each experience to your unique preferences, drawing inspiration from your imagination to craft extraordinary journeys. Let’s escape reality together!

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